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DID YOU KNOW SAVANNAH HAS HER OWN INSTAGRAM!!! Yup, my little 8-year-old has become quite the little social media hit. As most of you might know, I often use her as my muse. She has become the center of my life and I love to capture her in new, fun and inventive ways. As she continues to get older, she now has an opinion and creativeness of her own. It takes some convincing on new ideas I have for photo shoots and I have to become more and more creative. After researching, stalking and spending mindless hours on the internet, I came across a photo entertainment website called Upon the website was an artist by the name of Murad Osmann. Murad Osmann is a photographer based out of Moscow, Russia. He travels often for his work and one day his girlfriend grew tired of him always using her as his muse. Osman’s girlfriend changed it up and took him by the hand leading him into a different view. These aren’t just ordinary photos, they are absolutely incredible filled with amazing depth perception with vibrant colors. The photos invite you to not only want to travel, but to see what’s beyond the touch of her hand. There series of photos is called Follow Me to or #followmeto!!!

See Osmann Instagram below:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.06.54 PM

I saw my daughter, Savannah’s frustration with me always photographing her. She was getting restless with me dragging her all over the place looking for different photo spots or doing different photo shoots. She was really starting to have an opinion of her own and it was starting to be forced and not fun for her. When I started researching I came upon this and thought what a great idea! But how could I do it differently? How could I make it just about her? And how could I make it fun?  If you know Savannah, shes is a little sponge of joy. She observes everything and has become quite the foodie and travel adventurer. (She’s also quite the artist) So I wanted to document in a fun way that she would love and appreciate in years to come later. I wanted a “kid perception” of our photographs. I started playing with the idea of things we do together on a daily basis and things that I get to introduce her too. I didn’t want the back of her head, but the front of her cute face to show how much she continues to grow. I had her take my hand and drag me along from her perspective of things, because I feel sometimes as parents, we forget to take a moment and just play with our kids. So I watch her grow through our images and I have her take me into her kid world to remember to always be a kid myself. The series is called COME PLAY WITH ME, instead of #followmeto. I wanted the idea of “play” and “come” because it always me to keep thinking with the thought that kids are always playing and always want you to come into their world for some fun.

It makes my heart skip and makes me so joyful to be able to enjoy these moments with her more! Enjoy!!!! And please share along!!!


Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.20.17 PM

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