Steven Chruchill, Producer of The Art of Photography Show

Steven Churchill is the producer of the international show “ The Art of a Photography Show.” Steven Churchill is one of the most amazing people in the photographic community that I had the privilege of meeting. He comes from the same place and high school where I   grew up in Orange, California.  Which always gives me hope that I will succeed as an artist too 🙂

In 2004 Steven Churchill organized, curated and judged the first Art of Photography Show, which was exhibited at the La Jolla Art Association Gallery in November of that year. 525 images were received to be considered, submitted by local photographers – though the gallery space could only accommodate 55 framed prints. There were over 400 people at the opening reception and 25% of the work was sold during the two-week exhibition of the show. So, the show was a success in all respects.

Now in its 8th year, the Art of Photography Show is an established and critical force in the world of contemporary photography. The show provides tangible benefits to artists trying to break into the public eye. This well thought out international exhibition provides value to artists at every turn, from first-rate viewing in the judging process to exhibition and publication opportunities, photo industry connections and monetary awards.


    • From Orange,California
    • Started drawing and painting until freshmen year at El Modena high school and discovered photography
    • Studied at UC Santa Barbra in photography, film animation and motion picture effects
    • Key mentors and Self-motivated, self exploration and learning are how he became a photographer
    • Digital shooter


    • Currently working on series called “ San Diego at Night”
    • Decides on locations by finding interaction at night in downtown San Diego, venues, dive bars, night clubs, concerts, and various events.
    • Downloads off CF cards Downloads off CF cards and post work in Lightroom.
    • Looks for images with a story, some perceptible narrative content.


    • Why is photography important to you?
    • “Well, the bigger question is “Why is creating art important to you, why is image making important to you, why is visual story telling important to you?” Like most visual artists, I feel I was born with this desire to create visual images. And my family and other key people inspired and encouraged me to seriously pursue these interests. I discovered photography at a young age and fell in love with it as an art form and communication medium.


    • Concerning my own art, I desire to explore and grow as an artist, becoming more skilled and accomplished at visually communicating ideas, stories, and feelings. Concerning the Art of Photography Show, I desire to truly help photographers to grow and improve their own art, provide a means for them to connect with museum curators, get their work exhibited and viewed by serious collectors, and to help generate income through sales of their art. “


Julian Cox – Curator of Photography at the de Young Museum, San Francisco
Anne Lyden – Associate Curator of Photography at the J. Paul Getty Museum
Natasha Egan – Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago
Charlotte Cotton – Curator of Photography at LACMA
Hugh Davies – Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Carol McCusker – Curator of Photography at the Museum of Photographic Arts
Neal Benezra – Director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Tim Wride – Curator of Photography at LACMA
Arthur Ollman – Director of the Museum of Photographic Arts


    • “You didn’t ask me what it takes to succeed in an “arts oriented” career. I think it’s an important question. My short answer to this question is: It takes a very diligent, tenacious, goal oriented mind-set and a very disciplined hard-working consistent effort. There are very few arts oriented jobs or career opportunities, so one must be very focused and dedicated in order to succeed in the arts. Pursue avidly every opportunity to grow in relevant skills, accept any opportunity to gain relevant experience, practice your personal art expression as often as possible. Develop an awesome and extraordinary portfolio, both online and physical. Read arts books, arts websites and arts trade journals in your spare time.”


Well, I’ve lived here in San Diego a long time, this is my home. Actually, San Diego is a prominent “arts & culture destination”, particularly for photographic art. One of the most important museums for photographic art is located here, MoPA. And actually, San Diego is ahead of Los Angeles in terms of urban downtown renewal. Our downtown redevelopment started in the mid 80s and really took off in the 90s, whereas that just started about ten years ago in LA. Several of us here in San Diego are working hard to enhance and add to the draw of San Diego as an arts destination, including Ann Berchtold of the Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair ( And spearheaded by Ann Berchtold, several of us started Arts Month San Diego (, which now includes quite a broad collection of arts organizations. When I hear someone complain about “how little Art exposure there is here”, I wonder if they have their eyes open and if they get out much!  There are arts events happening almost every night of the week, every week of the year here in San Diego County. There are “arts districts” in numerous areas of the county. Check out the all of the areas listed in this publication: So, I think there are tons of good gallery venues, arts events and opportunities for artists to exhibit their work here in San Diego. My choice is to stay and contribute to the continued growth of San Diego as a major arts destination.


By diBenedetto Photography

At diBenedetto Photography, Nancy's extensive artistic experience allows her to bring together imagination, creativity and insight in such a way that creates compelling photography. The San Diego Photographers goal is to capture each unique event like no other photographer.

Whether the occasion is a glorious wedding, family portraits, a new born infant, or boudoir Nancy promises to bring your vision to life by creating an unforgettable event with the utmost attention to detail and professionalism, as one of the best San Diego Photographers.

"Show me what you strive to create and I will bring your vision to life." - Nancy C. diBenedetto

Nancy C. diBenedetto is the Principal Owner at diBenedetto Photography based out of San diego. As a 10 year veteran in the photography industry, Nancy captures her clients most important memories with a natural, documentary style all her own.

Her experience comes from military as a San Diego Navy combat digital photographer as well as working in the hospitality industry. She received her BA in Visual and Performing Arts from CSUSM and is pursuing an MFA at SDSU, in San Diego, California.

As a gifted photographer she can visually conceptualize an event. She is dedicated to helping others by capturing special memories during the most important moments of their lives.

diBenedetto Photography was born while Nancy was living in New Orleans and extended her photography skills to San Diego. Her love for the south helped develop her artistic sensibilities. Bringing a sense of southern hospitality to her work, Nancy's style is deeply personal and working with her is extremely comfortable.

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